Imagine that you cannot remember what your mother looked like. Imagine that you do not know when you will eat your next meal. Or where you are going to sleep tonight. Now imagine that you are only 6 years old.

This is the reality for kids in Congo.  Without us, these orphans roam the streets.   We are a small, local charity with a heart to improve the lives of these vulnerable children and our community.

Most people cannot travel to the Congo to help us fix this.  It is not safe.  But your donation can do what you cannot physically do.

Over 97% of funds directly benefit the children

See the impact you can make to an orphan in Africa:

  • $65 buys school supplies, clothing and personal effects for one orphan
  • $40/month ensures that one orphan eats 3 meals per day and attends school
  • $100/month pays for an after-school teacher to help our orphans deal with learning difficulties related to the trauma they have experienced
  • $125 buys breakfast for 35 orphans for a week
  • $24,500 builds a small house to accommodate 10 orphans and a house Mom
  • $15,000 buys a vehicle to transport food supplies and children (to school and for medical care)
  • $200/month pays for an internet connection so that special education programs can be delivered online.
  • $340,000 pays for a new permanent facility to house 60 orphans and staff

Thank you.