Our orphans

Currently, we house 35 orphans, ranging in age from 7 to 16 years old.  All 35 children go to school which is a 20 minute bus ride, followed by a 10 minute walk away.  25% have learning needs.  So far, 6 of our orphans have graduated to high school.  All orphans have been found alone and abandoned.  Here are their stories.

1-Rika-WakilongoRIKA WAKILONGO

Born in Kasenga village, Rika was left an orphan at four years old when both her parents died during a boating accident on Lake Tanganyika. Rika was taken into the care of her auntie, but tragically within two years this lady died of HIV Aids. Rika was all alone when we found her. Rika is in grade 3 and wants to become a school teacher.

MUSA NGWENYA2-Musa-Ngwenya

Born in Kasenga, Uvira, his mother was killed after being raped by soldiers. 2 years later his father died from Diabetes. He then lived with a friend of his mother who also died sometime later. Musa has been in the care of the orphanage for over 5 years. Musa’s vision is to become a Pastor.


Born in Mushero vilage in the Uvira district. At 6 years old Omari’s village was attacked by rebels and Omari and his parents fled into the bush. They managed to hide for some time but were eventually found. His father was taken away and never seen again. His mother along with two women from the village were raped and beaten so severely that within days she died. At 6 years of age with no one to care for him Omari lived alone in appalling conditions on the streets of Uvira. Approx. 4 years ago he was taken into the care of Grace Ministries. His future vision is to become a doctor.

4-Noela-GermeneNOELA GERMENE

Born in Muranvia, Noela was just 3 years old when her father, along with several other men of the village were taken by rebels. They later heard that 3 men had died while being taken to the rebel camp. Her father was one of the men killed. Later Noela’s mother died from cancer and she was left in the care of her elderly grandfather who soon after also died. Noela is studying hard in grade 6 and she wants to become a nurse.

5-Chanse-JoyeuseCHANSE JOYEUSE

Born in Kiliba village her father was working as a gatekeeper in Uvira town and was killed when the building collapsed. Chanse’s mother later died during childbirth and at only 4 years old Chanse was taken to Grace Ministries Orphanage. Chanse is in grade 5 and she wants to become a teacher.

6-Asumani-BashwiraASUMANI BASHWIRA

Born in Elenge village, Asumani’s mother died after a long illness; because of the remote location and extreme poverty, his mother received no medication and did not see a doctor. Later while hunting in the jungle his father was bitten by a Gorilla and as no treatment was given he eventually died from his injuries. Asumani was helped by a neighbour and eventually taken into our care. He wants to become a nurse.

7-Omari-FikiriniOMARI FIKIRINI

Born in Songo village, Omari at 9 years old was accused of witchcraft. He was then rejected by his family and forced to live by himself on the streets. Grace Ministries Orphanage found him living in great hardship all alone. Omari is now in grade 7 and wants to become a pilot.

8-Christine-HashaCHRISTINE HASHA

Born in Kimanga, Christine at age 7 suffered the horrifying ordeal of watching her parents being stoned to death by the whole village after being accused of witchcraft. Christine and her two brothers were left alone and later her brothers left the village and she was cared for by neighbors. The family were fearful about Christine living with them as they themselves had been accused of witchcraft for helping her. Christine has now been in the care of Grace Ministries for 6 years.

9-Anna-MbiliziANNA MBILIZI

Born in Mushero village, Anna’s father fell from a tree in the jungle while looking for fruit for the family to eat. As there were no doctors or medication her father died from his injuries. Sometime later, her mother was captured by rebels and taken. Anna was left alone and an unmarried male neighbor took her in. Anna was sexually abused and ran away to live on the streets, without food, shelter or family. This was where Grace Ministries found her. Her vision is to become a pastor.


Fazah is about 6 years old. He was found on the streets of Uvira. He was brought to Grace Orphanage in early 2018. He does not know where he is from or who his parents were. We are trying to find out .



Born in Kavinvira, Bobasha was born into a world of prostitution where his mother earned money to feed them both. His father is unknown. Bobasha’s mother eventually became mentally ill and he was taken to live with his grandfather who was too old and sick to care for him. He was then taken to Grace Ministries Children’s Home. He is in grade 6 and wants to become an airline pilot.

12-Bea-HashaBEA HASHA

Born in Kalundu village, Bea’s father had 4 wives and was stoned to death by a mob after he was found raping a young girl. Later her mother died of HIV Aids and she was left with one of her father’s wives. She was not wanted in the home and finally left to live on the streets. Grace Ministries found her living a miserable life on the streets and took her into their care. Bea is now in grade 6 and wants to work in a charity organization.

13-Ramazani-SahidiAMAZANI SAHIDI

Born in Muravyia village. After being left by her husband in Tambala jungle, Amazani’s mother hung herself. Amazani’s life was one of hunger and suffering before being found by Grace Ministries. He is now in grade 5 and he wants to become a teacher.

14-Winama-Kiza-e1417561103101WINAMA KIZA

Born in Kasenga village, Winama’s father along with other men from the village went to camp and fish in The River Congo. Rebels found their camp and set fire to all the men, including her father. Her mother left Winama and went to the mining camps to find work and later became a prostitute. Later Winama heard her mother had died after being raped. She lived with 2 uncles before being taken in by Grace Ministries. She is in grade 4 and wants to become a business woman.

15-Diye-MlekelwaDIYE MLEKELWA

Born in Waungu village, both Diye’s parents and two elder brothers were killed during the night when their village was raided by rebel forces. Diye was cared for by a neighbor who could not afford to keep him. Fortunately he was found by Grace Ministries.  Diye wants to become a bus driver.

16-Amisa-AsaniAMISA ASANI

Born in Kavinvira village, Amisa was conceived by a rape attack while her mother was looking for firewood in the jungle. After Amisa was born her mother rejected and abandoned her and she was left in the care of a widow who was dying of cancer. Eventually she was taken into the care of Grace Ministries. Amisa is doing grade 5 at primary school.

17-Ange-BaswiraANGE BASWIRA

Born in Kilomoni to an unknown father, Ange’s mother earned her living as a prostitute. When Ange was born her mother was unable to feed and care for her and her mother abandoned her. Later news came that her mother had been killed during the war with the rebels. Ange was living with a family who had great compassion for her but were living in extreme poverty themselves. Ange is in grade 2.

18-Kiza-GerareKIZA GERARE

Born in Sange village, Kiza’s parents were killed when a petrol tank exploded next to a restaurant where they were selling their food. With no one to care for them, Kiza and his sister were left to a life on the streets. They were found destitute and suffering and taken into care by Grace Ministries. Kiza is in grade 3 at primary school.

19-Diye-GilbertDIYE GILBERT

Born in Kolomoni, Diye’s mother died during a gun raid in the jungle by rebels. His father was an alcoholic and could not care for his children. Diye was abandoned and living under the care of their neighbor who later died. He was taken in by Grace Ministries and is in grade 3.

20-Mapendo-HawaMAPENDO HAWA

Born in Kimanga, Mapendo’s parents died when she was very young and she was being cared for by her grandmother. Later her grandmother was killed by a band of armed men. Read More about Mapendo’s story

21-Rama-BardoRAMA BARDON

Born in Kilomoni, Rama’s mother became ill and they went to live with a neighbor whose family lived close to our orphanage. After some time, our office was told that Rama’s mother had passed away. Rama is in grade 3 and he wants to become a bus driver.

22-Riziki-JeanneRIZIKI JEANNE

Born in Mauranvia village, Riziki’s mother was an alcoholic and her father is unknown. Her mother and two brothers were killed when their village was attacked by rebels. The soldiers kidnapped Riziki and then left her during the night. In the morning she was found by neighbors who cared for her even though they were destitute themselves. Riziki is now in high school and wants to become a pastor.

23-Nyema-GastonNYEMYA GASTON

Born in Misisi village, Nyemya lost both her parents during Makonola tribal conflict. Nyemya does not know anything more about her past. She lived hungry and destitute on the streets until she was found by Grace Ministries Children’s Home. Nyemya is in high school.

24-Ahadi-MamuleAHADI MAMULE

(girl 9 yrs.) Born in Kilomoni. When Ahadi was two years old both her parents died from HIV Aids. Ahadi was left in the care of her grandmother until she was taken to live at Grace Ministries Children’s Home. Ahadi is now in grade 4.

25-Joseph-SelemaniJOSEPH SELEMANI

Born in Kabumbe village. After a massacre occurred in Katogota, where they lived, Joseph who was just three years old, was found by fishermen who were camping by the river Ruzizi. Joseph’s history is unknown. He now lives in the care of Grace Ministries Children’s Home and is in grade 4. Joseph has an eye disease that remains un-diagnosed after four years, and needs constant medical care.

26-Eliza-NyotaELIZA NYOTA

Born in Kabindula, Eliza’s father was killed by rebel soldiers during an attack on her village. After this traumatic incident her mother became mentally unstable and unable to care for Eliza. Eliza was living with a widow in the village. This woman was HIV positive and very ill. Eliza was found to be living in poor conditions. Eliza is in grade 6.

27-Rahama-MakanguRAHAMA MAKANGU

Born in Kiliba village, Rahama’s mother was killed by soldiers while working in the fields. One year later her father left to join the rebel army. After the war he did not return home. Rahama was left in the care of her grandfather who later died from old age. Rahama is in high school.

28-Daniel-KalukuDANIEL KALUKU

Born in Kilomoni, Daniel’s father died when he was a baby and his mother became mentally unstable after being raped during war conflict. Daniel and his two brothers then went to live with an auntie who at the time was very sick and unable to take care of all 3 children. Daniel is in grade 4.

29-Mwanebana-SadikiMWANEBANA SADIKI

Born in Muranvia, Mwanebana’s father was captured by soldiers while hunting in KahuziBiega National Park . His mother went to look for her husband and was never seen again. An old sick woman in the village was trying to care for Mwanebana, when Grace Ministries found him. He is now is grade high school. His vision is to serve in the orphanage.

30-Dino-MauridiDINO MAURIDI

Born in a refugee camp in Tanzania to an unknown father. Dino returned to Congo with his mother and they lived in Muranvia village with his grandfather. His mother re-married, but her husband left her with 4 children including Dino. When it became too difficult to take care of 4 kids, she abandoned her two elder children and left with the 2 younger ones for the city. Grace Ministries found Dino sleeping at a building site near the beach of Kasenga, surviving by begging food from fishermen. Dino’s dream is to become a school head master.

31-Grace-FurahaGRACE FURAHA

Born in Mutarule village. Her father was killed by rebels trying to protect their cattle and family from the regular attacks on their village. With her father gone, out of desperation, her mother left the village to go to Uvira town where she was forced into prostitution to survive. After 3 years of this terrible lifestyle, she got very sick, and became paralyzed. Grace’s mother passed away after 2 years. Grace Ministries found Grace living with her grandmother who was blind, in Mutarule village. She is in grade 2. Her vision is to become a doctor.


33-Eric-Byamungu His family had just settled in Mutarule, when they were murdered in a night raid. In the middle of the raid, two of the gunmen entered the children’s room where they found the two young boys sleeping, oblivious to what was happening. One of the killers woke up Manu, took his hand and led him to the river. He told him to remain at the bank of the river until morning. Munu was left alone in the bush until morning, when he was found by a 20 year old boy who also escaped the bullets during the night. Manu never saw his parents or brother again. He was found by Grace Ministries, barely surviving, still under the care of this young man who himself was also starving. His vision is to work with people in need.


32-Manu-Manga Born in Mutarule village. Eric was very sickly as a child.  He was in a prayer room in a neighboring village with his mother when Mutarule was attacked, killing Eric’s father, 3 brothers and sister. Eric and his mother left Mutarule and decided to settle in Uvira town. Eric’s mother could not find work and was forced into prostitution in order to survive. Grace Ministries found Eric starving, two days without any food, in Kasenga where Mutarule people camped. His vision is to work at the Orphanage.

34-Daniela-LillianneDANIELA LILIANE

Born in Kabare village. Daniela’s father had both legs badly broken in a surprise attack on Lake Tanganyika during the war. He could not walk or find work. His wife left him in the village, as she went from village to village trying to find a cure for an illness that she had. She spent all her money on witch doctors without finding healing, and later died. Daniela was left under the care of a witch doctor who was treating her mother in Mutarule village at the time. Grace Ministries found Daniela malnourished. Her vision is to become a Nurse.

35-Riziki-AseeRIZIKI ASEE

Born in Muranvia village. At the age of four, Riziki’s father abandoned his family and left the village. Riziki’s mother had a great singing voice and became a worship leader in a Pentecostal church. She received an invitation to sing in a church in Mutarule village. They camped there for 3 days, and on their last night, the village was attacked by a group of armed men. They killed 29 people including Riziki’s mother. Grace Ministries found Riziki living with a poor man who was surviving by begging on the street. She is one of the hard working girls in her class; her vision is to serve in the Government.