Our new home

We are constructing a new permanent facility that will house 60 orphans and 5 staff.  There is enough land that we can farm our own food and sell excess produce to become self-sufficient.  Our move-in date is planned for November 2018.  So far, we have raised $47,000 of the $210,000 funds we need to open.

  • April 2017 – purchased 2 acres of land for $69,000
  • June 2017 – prepared land for planting and drainage during rainy season.
  • July 2017 – built fencing for the agriculture area for $2,840
  • August 2017 – planted first crop of cabbage, eggplants and lenga-lenga (wild spinach)
  • August 2017 – started building a guard house to provide security for the land
  • November 2017 – guard house completed within total budget of $3,545
  • December 2017 – plans being drawn up for Reading Centre and main dining room

Construction has started!


Security is a big issue and we wanted to make sure that our guard will be on site 24/7. This is not only the guard house but the living quarters for our guard on the site. The gate will be built onto the side of the house as part of the northern fence.




Our Orphanage manager, Hosea, has a diploma in agriculture. A large part of our sustainability program is fresh vegetables and pig farming. Hosea has grown our pig rearing project to 8 sows and 28 piglets. In addition, the land is fenced, prepared, and planting of cabbage, egg plant and wild spinach has started. This ensures fresh food for our children. Surplus food will be sold in the market where it is in high demand as very little is grown locally.



Please Donate to help make bring self sufficiency to Grace Orphanage.