iwof logoIn August 2013, iWOF advanced funds for school supplies and committed to pay the school fees to ensure that all 35 kids started attending school, most for the very first time. iWOF is a Registered Canadian Charity consisting exclusively of volunteers and continues to support the orphanage. iWOF has also taken over managing our website.

Pastor Eduardo and the Rosario Church, Argentina

In 2008, the Rosario Church, with a congregation of 100 members, started a monthly offering and supported us for 11 years. Members from the church have visited us twice.  We are eternally grateful for their support.

Jarret Dawson, Missouri USA

“David and Hosea both fled violent militia burning their villages, killing their families.  Then, inexplicably, they decided to come back to one of the poorest places in the world and give orphaned children hope for a future.  There’s really nothing in the world more Christian than that”.  Jarret Dawson, USA, friend who spent many weeks with the team in Congo.

Carteros De Dios, Madrid Spain

Christina Tayler, Dave and Laura Mockett

All our Donors, large and small

Thank you.

David and kids 1