Future Plans

Improving Literacy in the neighbourhood

Imagine what life would be like if you could not read or write. You cannot send a text to someone, or e-mail a friend, not even a letter to grandma. You cannot search for information on Google, you cannot use a phone.  Imagine.

Teach local children to read and write

We plan to equip up to 50 kids from the immediate area with the gift of reading.  Our part time teachers, who currently help our orphans who struggle with learning difficulties in the afternoons, will be teaching the basics of reading and writing in the morning when the orphanage kids are in school.  Congo has an estimated 3.5 million children who are not attending primary school.

Teach local widows to read and write

Within a 2km radius around the orphanage, there are about 120 widows, many who cannot read. We want to help these single mothers.  Research has shown that mothers who are able to read have a much better chance of raising healthy children, and build a life for themselves. Read some of their stories.

Reading Centre

Starting in 2021, we will open a Reading Centre at our new property. Construction is progressing well on the Reading Centre. For 3 mornings a week while our orphans are away at school, local widows and their children will receive:

  • instruction on reading and writing
  • a nutritious meal
  • business training and help to develop a business plan
  • micro loan to start their own business
  • companionship with other widows of the area

The annual cost for this project is $7,500 which will pay for 2 part-time teachers and food. Please Donate now to help us give the gift of reading.