New Orphans 2023

ASIFIWE BYAYESU is 6 years old. She was born in Kawizi village. Both parents died of HIV. Ashifiwe and her younger sister lived with her grandfather who was moving from village to village trying to make ends meet. Her younger sister passed away as she was also HIV positive. 2 months later her grandfather passed away. Grace orphanage found Asifiwe wandering the streets in Kiliba town and took her in. She loves music.

CLARISSE MULASI is 6 years old. She was born on the streets of Uvira, Father unknown. Her mother has lived on the street since she was 15. She gave birth to Clarissa at the age of 16. When Clarissa was 5 years old, her mother left her in a prayer room under the care of a single old man. Grace orphanage team found him and Clarisse  struggling to survive. Clarisse will join the Grace family and will never go hungry again.

ELENA BIRIZE was born in Kala village. She is 10 years old. In 2019 when Elena was 7 years old, Kala village was essentially washed away by a flood. She lost both parents together with her 2 brothers. Elena was found alive, washed onto the beach of Nyangara by a rescue team. She was taken to hospital by Ebombo a medical volunteer and after her recovery, he brought her to live with him in his mud house. A year later, Ebombo’s house also collapsed with the floods during the heavy rain. Grace orphanage found Elena living with Ebombo under a piece of plastic sheet, sleeping on the ground. She will be given her own warm bed at Grace Orphanage.

FLORANCE REHEMA was born in Kasenga town. She has a dark, and somewhat unknown life history. She lived with a man that was known as a witch doctor in Rugenge village. Her mother is unknown. When this man died, Florence lived on Mulongwe street where she begged for food in order to survive. GRACE Orphanage found Florance on the street, ill and malnourished and took her to a clinic. She was given treatment and will join the Grace family in a loving home where she will be safe and cared for.  

JEANNE MANENO is 7 years old. She was born in Swima village, one of 10 children. Her mom was accused of sorcery, and she left her children to escape the danger of being stoned by the villagers. A small church from the neighboring village had compassion on the children and took them into separate families. Grace orphanage team heard of this painful story and went to visit the kids. They found Jeanne was living in very poor conditions. She will join the Grace family in a safe, loving home.

JOLIE MAROYI is 4 years old. She does not know what her parents look like. Her mom abandoned her on the street when she was 2 years old.  Her mom was suffering with mental problems and just disappeared. Jolie was brought to Grace Orphanage by an old woman who found herself unable to keep caring for Jolie as she was physically challenged and barely survived herself. As part of the Grace family, she will be loved and cared for.


Mamy Ngoyi is 7 years old. The child of a single Mom, at the age of 5 years old, her Mom was found dead in the forest by the villagers. She was sexually assaulted and killed. After the burial ceremony of her mom, Mamy was taken to live under the care of a local family, where the mother tragically died of HIV in 2022. Grace Orphanage found Mamy living under very difficult conditions under the care of a cruel stepfather.  She is now part of the Grace family and will be given everything she needs to be safe, well fed and happy.

MARIAMU DESIRE was born in Burundi.  She is 9 years old. Both her parents are originally of Burundi. At 4 years old, Mariamu’s Mom passed away and she was left in the care of one of her father’s other wives. She was badly mistreated and for several years and at 8 years old, ran away from home. She crossed the Burundi border into Congo by herself. She was living on the Kiliba Streets in Congo. Grace orphanage found her under a health care facility’s veranda. She is joining the Grace family and wants to become a nurse.

MARIE BITACHANA is 8. She was born in Katana, and grew up in a violent home. Her mother was  killed by her father, and he, in turn, was stoned to death by an angry mob. Marie was left with her 10 year old sister. Malilo our orphanage teacher found Marie and her sister living under the care of a very poor widow where they were living by one meal a day. Her dream is to be a business woman.

RITHA ALINE is 8 years old. She does not know her  parents as she was abandoned by her mother at birth. Our enquiries confirm that her father died from HIV and her mother was HIV positive. Ritha was left under the care of a neighbor, but was very badly treated and abused. She will be taken into the care of Grace Orphanage and will be safe.  She loves sowing and want to make dresses one day.

SUMAIYA WAKATI is 8 years old. Her mom, a single parent, left her when she was 4 years old to move to the mines, working as a prostitute to make a living. In 2020 Sumaiya’s mother body was found next to the Embe river. Grace Orphanage found Sumaiya as a forced child laborer in a restaurant in a remote area of Katongo. She will join the Grace family to live safely and received an education.

Rehema Byosaa is 8 years old. Story to follow.

Jaliua Mpendacheko is 9 years old. Story to follow

Apolina Msema is 7 years old. Born in Itombwe village. Story to follow.

Zawadi Amani is 7 years old. Born in Karigo. Story to follow.

Veronique Furaha is 9 years old. Born in Regembe Village. Story to follow.