Future Plans

Post Secondary Education

When we started Grace Orphanage in 2012, our plan was to build a home for up to 60 orphans. As children grow up, the needs change. We currently have 6 children who graduated in the past 3 years. Anna, our first graduate in 2020 moved away to live with relatives, as she did not want to go to college. We currently have 2 children who just finished their first year at university, and are continuing on. Musa, a child extremely gifted in electronics is waiting for sufficient enrolment numbers for his program to start.

Our focus now is to plan for the next step for our children as they graduate from school. We are establishing a scholarship fund to ensure that funds are available for the children who not only have the gifts, to carry on studying, but also show the desire and the performance so needed to make a success of it. Please Donate to help us make their dreams come true and provide a way out of poverty.

Sadiki was living with an old, sick woman when he was found by Grace Orphanage. He lost both parents at the age of 9. He has called Grace Orphanage home since 2012.

Sadiki has just passed his first year in the business program at the “University Notre Dame de Tanganyika”. He is passionate about business and want to serve the orphanage after his studies. A life changed through loving care and education.